Residential Trash Service

Residential Trash Service

Beginning January 1, 2019, all residential refuse collection in the Village will be handled exclusively by King’s Disposal of Vestaburg.  The franchise granted by the Village does not include commercial properties or dumpster service.  In reviewing the proposals submitted and in evaluating the feedback from our community, King's emerged as the clear choice of both the community members that engaged in the selection process and the Village Council.

In moving to a single-hauler for the community, the goal of the Village was to provide quality services to our residents while saving them money on their trash service.  In addition to those reasons, having garbage trucks on our streets one day per week rather than three should help extend the life of our roads and delay the need for costly replacement of the roads that were mostly paid for through the special assessment process.

Residents need to contact King’s directly to set-up their service for their residence.  Residents using tags/stickers will need to call so King’s is aware of your location to make sure they include it on their collection route. Tags are sold at Out-a-Bounds.  For a complete breakdown of prices and service options, please refer to chart below:

 King's Disposal List of Acceptable Large Items

Please have your refuse at the roadside by 6 AM.

 New customers must call Kings to set up their service, including tag customers. Kings can be reached at 989.268.5886 & locally 989.544.1164.

Kings cannot accept refuse in containers form other haulers, this includes Waste Management, Granger, and Dent.

Large Item collection is the last Monday of the month, all customers on weekly service plans are allowed 1 item per month.

All refuse must be bagged, no loose trash please!

Please visit the Village Calendar under "Your Community" for the current collection days and to see any changes from the regular Monday collection.