Useful Materials to Navigate the Zoning Process

Interested in a commercial development project? The Village is happy to schedule a conceptual site plan review meeting to discuss and review your project. This service is offered at no-cost, and is encouraged to assist you in getting a timely approval to your project. To schedule a meeting, or if you have development questions the Village's development review point of contact is Tim Wolff, Village Manager. Tim can be reached at the Village Hall during regular business hours at 989.644.8654.

Fees for development applications can be paid at the Village Hall by check, cash, money order, or credit/debit card. Payment can be made over the phone by credit/debit card. For all credit/debit card transactions a processing fee is added to the transaction.

Applications (Fees Effective August 26, 2019)
Land Use & Zoning Applications Fee
Zoning Permit - Residential Districts $30
Zoning Permit - Non-residential Districts $50
Detached Garage (LR-1 Zoning District)
Detached Garage (LR-2 Zoning District)
Detached Garage (LR-3 Zoning District)
Detached Garage (LR-4 Zoning District)
Detached Garage (LR-5 Zoning District)
Detached Garage (Airport Residential District)
Detached Garage (Medium Density Residential District)
Detached Garage (All other Districts)

Detached Garage Elevation Guide
$30, unless Special Land Use
Variance Request $250
Sign Permit $10
Shed Permit $10
Fence Permit $10
Temporary Zoning Permit $10
Swimming Pool Permit $10
Special Land Use $250
Site Plan $250
Family Day Care $50
Home Based Business (No Public Hearing) $50
Conditional Rezoning Request $500
Rezoning Request $500
Zoning Text Amendment $500
Land Division Applications Fee
Land Division $40 + $20 per new parcel
Lot Split $40
New Plat/Site Condo $500
Other Requests Fee
Freedom of Information Act Cost varies based on actual costs
Right-of-Way / Driveway $0
Address Request/Verification $0
Peddler Permit $10
DAS & Small Cell Wireless Equipment & Facilities

The Village of Lake Isabella does not enforce the various recorded private building & use restrictions which are associated with individual plats and developments in the community. The restrictions contained in such restrictions are a private agreement among the individual property owners in each development. Deed restrictions have no relationship with the Village’s zoning ordinances. Deed restrictions are a private contract and, as such, a civil matter enforced by the parties named in the restriction. When seeking a land-use approval from the Village, the applicant is responsible for any conflicts between the property-specific information (deed restrictions, restrictive covenants, building & use restrictions) and the development request.