Code Enforcement

Code Enforcement

The mission of the Lake Isabella Code Enforcement program is to promote and maintain a safe, clean, and desirable community. Code Enforcement helps maintain and improve the quality of life in the community by administering a fair and unbiased enforcement program to correct violations of municipal codes and land use requirements. The adopted procedures for Code Enforcement can be found in the links below.
CameraOn a regular basis Village staff patrols the community to document ordinance violations.  This process entails using photography to establish that a violation has occurred.  Likewise, staff also investigate complaints generated by residents. Property owners in violation of an ordinance will then receive a notice in the mail detailing the violation with a time-line for correction.  Prior to sending out a Correction Notice, the Village must establish that a violation has occurred.  If the property owner fails to remedy the violation, a second Notice of Violation may be issued.  Failure to remedy the situation may result in a Municipal Civil Infraction being issued and forwarded to the Isabella County District Court. Once a Municipal Civil Infraction ticket has been filed, an individual ticketed may admit responsibility to the court, or contest the ticket through a formal or informal hearing. The steps used by the Village to resolve ordinance violations are illustrated below.

Residents may submit complaints to the Village at any time.  This can be done in person at the Village Hall, here on our website using the "Webform" below, via email, via mail, or over the phone.  Please understand that the process to remedy any given situation generally takes several weeks or longer.  Violations of Village Ordinances are a civil matter, and are enforced through the Civil Infraction process.   If you have received a violation notice and need additional time to remedy the situation, please contact the Village immediately: the Village makes every attempt to ensure the property rights of both the complainant and the violator.

The Village has created a pamphlet titled "What is Code Enforcement," which provides greater detail on the Code Enforcement mission and process.  A copy of that pamphlet and other important items are available below.

Need to reach our Code Enforcement Officer Mark Weslock? The Village's Code Enforcement is staffed by a part-time position, as such, please contact the Village Hall at 989.644.8654 to set up an appointment to meet with him. Or, you can email him directly at:

Ordinance Steps

Code Enforcement Informational Materials:

Current Solicitor/Peddler Licenses (Updated 9-18-2023)
Name Vehicle Purpose Valid Until
Colton Knox  Gray Lincoln MKC Educational Resources  6-5-2024
Jeff Sabin Black Chevy Traverse Wolverine Pure 9-19-2024
Michael Heintzelman Silver Kia Soul Wolverine Pure 9-19-2024
Brandon Bennett Black Chevy Malibu Wolverine Pure 9-19-2024
Individuals going door-to-door for religious organizations, IRS recognized charitable or non-profit institutions, or political campaigns are exempt from obtaining a license from the Village.