Beginning January 1, 2019, all residential refuse collection in the Village will be handled exclusively by King’s Disposal of Vestaburg.  After a long process, the Village Council at its meeting of October 16th approved an exclusive three-year license with King’s Disposal for residential trash collection in the Village.  This approval caps a process that was over one year in the making, which involved public hearings, surveys, and an open house for community members to come and meet the three companies that were interested in providing service to the community.

The agreement entered into by the Village does not include commercial properties or dumpster service.  In reviewing the proposals submitted and in evaluating the feedback from our community, King's emerged as the clear choice of both the community members that engaged in the selection process and the Village Council.

In drafting the proposal, it was felt necessary by the Village to preserve the three different service levels that are used by our community.  Those service levels are single tag/stickers placed on bags, a set number of bags left in a container owned by the resident, and cart service.  Finding a workable solution to large and bulky items due to the closure of the Dent Refuse Transfer Station in Remus was also included.  The exclusive license entered into includes bulk item service.

In moving to a single-hauler for the community, the goal of the Village was to provide quality services to our residents while saving them money on their trash service.  In addition to those reasons, having garbage trucks on our streets one day per week rather than three should help extend the life of our roads and delay the need for costly replacement of the roads that were mostly paid for through the special assessment process.

We have been informed by Granger that their last collection day for their customers in the community will be on December 26th.  We have also sent a notification to Waste Management, Affordable Refuse, and Central Sanitation of the agreement and requirement to discontinue service by January 1, 2019.  These companies have been informed that they may not operate in the community for residential trash collection starting in January.

Residents will need to contact King’s directly to set-up their service for their residence.  Residents using tags/stickers will need to call so King’s is aware of your location to make sure they include it on their collection route.  Tags are currently planned to be sold at Out-a-Bounds.  For a complete breakdown of prices and service options, please refer to chart below:


Please have your refuse at the roadside by 6 AM.

Below is a list of documents that have been prepared as part of this process which we are happy to make available for your inspection.