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Village Hall

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8 AM - 4:30 PM

1010 Clubhouse Drive
Lake Isabella, MI 48893

OfficeModel-1The Village Hall is home to a large model created around 1970 showing how the community was planned to be developed in the 1960s and 1970s.  This model was created for the Lake Isabella Corporation to show people interested in buying property what the future was going to look like.  This model was recently donated to the Village by our local Century 21 Real Estate office. This model shows several roads that were once planned, but never constructed. It also shows the large "north/south" runway that was planned as part of the airport. There is also a section missing on the west side of Rolland Rd.  This location was once considered as a location for a second lake of roughly 100 acres.

In addition to the model, the Village Hall is also home to the Wall of Honor.  The Wall of Honor initiative was established as a means to honor individuals who have been instrumental in the development of the Village of Lake Isabella through extraordinary commitment to the community or those who have performed other service of great importance to the community. Criteria used to determine legibility include:

  1. Eight or more years of significant community service.
  2. A significant impact on the continuation and/or enhancement of programs of service offered by the Village.
  3. Creation of new opportunities for the community through new facilities or programs.
  4. A positive impact on the quality of life enjoyed by the residents of the Village of Lake Isabella.
  5. Has inspired others to be involved in the community.
  6. Acts of heroism or bravery.
Currently Honored are the following:

  • Bill Dunham, former Village President
  • Jackie Adkins, former Village President
  • George Dunn, former Village President
  • Arnold Griffin, former Council member
  • Dave McGrath, former Planning Commission Chair
  • Ed Spayd, former Village Manager
  • Leo Gatehouse
  • Dan Grisdale
  • Ken Torgerson
  • The First LIPOA Board
  • The C.L.I.V.I Committee
  • The Charter Commission