Lake Isabella Dam

Lake Isabella Dam

Working together with the LIPOA, this page was created to serve as a central repository for all documents related to the condition and care of the dam. Below is a Document Center that contains past reports, inspections, and repairs done to the dam. The Lake Isabella Dam is owned by the LIPOA and the annual winter drawdown is done under the oversight of the Isabella County Drain Commissioner. The dam undergoes a state required inspection every three years, with the most recent inspection completed in December of 2022.
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Lake Isabella Dam37 documents

  • Original William & Works Design & Construction Plans
  • 1970 Court Orders
  • 1979 U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Inspection Report
  • 1982 Amended Court Order
  • 2004 Dam Inspection Report
  • 2007 Gerace Construction Report & Independent Inspection
  • 2007 Gerace Construction Repairs
  • 2007 Dam Inspection Report
  • 2010 Dam Inspection Report
  • 2011 Memo from Williams & Works
  • Adopted Resolution 2011-34
  • Correspondence to the LIPOA per Resolution 2011-34
  • MDEQ Permit 11-37-0017-P Authorizing a four foot drawdown annually until 2016
  • MDEQ Permit 11-37-0019-P For Minor Repairs to the Intake Pipe
  • November 20, 2011 Report from Spicer on the Trash Gate Repairs
  • November 30, 2011 Village - LIPOA Presidents & Managers Meeting Notes
  • January 19, 2012 Village - LIPOA Presidents & Manager Meeting Notes
  • 2012-03-01 Rowe PSC Report on Sluice Gate With Recommendations
  • July 2012 Village & LIPOA Joint Memo to the MDEQ
  • August 2012 MDNR & MDEQ Meeting Notes Regarding Lake Refill Memo
  • Village & LIPOA 2nd Gate Joint Project Public Notice and Application
  • MDEQ Permit for 2nd Gate Joint Project
  • October Letter from the MDNR Fisheries
  • 2nd Gate Operation Manual
  • 2nd Gate Installation Certification
  • 2012 Final Court Order
  • 2012 Final Drawdown Agreement
  • 2012 LIPOA Permit Application for a Downstream Silt Trap
  • 2013 MDEQ Permit for Repairs to the Lake Isabella Dam
  • 2013 LIPOA Permit Application for a 6' Drawdown
  • 2013 LIPOA Permit Authorizing a 6' Drawdown
  • 2013 LIPOA Permit Application for Dredging at 4 Locations
  • 2013 MDEQ Permit Authorizing Dredging at 4 Locations
  • 2013 Dam Inspection Report
  • 2014 Isabella County Special Assessment Documents
  • 2016 Lake Isabella Dam Inspection Report
    Report from Spicer Eng. submitted to the State of Michigan as the required 3 year inspection of the dam.
  • 2019 Dam Inspection Report
    Inspection Report prepared by Spicer Eng.