The Lake Isabella Village Charter establishes that the local government structure for the community as the Council-Manager form of government.  Under the Council-Manager form, the community directly elects 7 members to the Village Council.  The Village Council then hires a professional manager to carry out their policy actions and to oversee the day-to-day operations of the government.  Officers of the Council are selected every two years in January following an election.  These officers include the Village President, Village President Pro-Tempore, Village Clerk, and Village Treasurer.

In 2012 the State of Michigan amended the laws covering Village elections.  Starting in 2013 villages in Michigan are no longer allowed to conduct their own elections.  Regular village elections will now be conducted by the local township and held as part of the even year November General Election.  Terms of office begin on the first Monday in January of the following year and run for 4 years.  Of the seven members of the Village Council; 3 are elected in one cycle, while the remaining 4 are elected in the next election cycle.  Each overlapping 2 year period is considered a session of the Village Council.  Presently this is the 10th session of the Village Council, which runs from January of 2017 until in January of 2019.  Meetings of the Village Council are held on the 3rd Tuesday of every month at 7:00 PM.  The meeting location is the Village Hall, 1010 Clubhouse Drive, Lake Isabella, MI 48893.

The Village President and Council are the legislative body for the community; its members are the community's decision makers. Power is centralized in the elected Council, which approves the budget, adopts all legislation, and establishes policies and procedures for the Village. The Council also focuses on the community's goals, major projects, and such long-term considerations as community growth, land use development, capital improvement plans, capital financing, and strategic planning.

The Village Manager is hired to serve the Council and the community. The Village Manager prepares a budget for the Council's consideration; recruits, hires, and supervises the government's staff; serves as the Council's chief adviser; and carries out the Council's policies. The Council and citizens count on the Village Manager to provide complete and objective information, pros and cons of alternatives, and long-term consequences as well as ensure that the local unit of government operates in an efficient and responsible manner.

The relationship between the community, Village Council, and Village Manager also reflected in Village's adopted organizational chart.

Lake Isabella Village Council

Position Elected Official Term of Office
Village President Dave Torgerson 2019 - 2023
Village President Pro-Tempore John Eberhart 2017 - 2021
Village Clerk Jeffrey P. Grey 2017 - 2021
Village Treasurer Charlie Kiel 2019 - 2023
Council member Arnold Griffin 2019 - 2023
Council member Paul Cueny 2019 - 2023
Council member Dave Shoemaker 2017 - 2021

 Village Council Rules & Procedures

Election Results