Permit Applications & Fees


Updated 04-29-2016



Building, Electrical, Mechanical, & Plumbing Permits

Effective January 1, 2015 the Village of Lake Isabella is no longer using the Joint Construction Code Authority for new building, electrical, mechanical, or plumbing permits or inspections.  Those are now handled by the Isabella County.  Existing permits issued by, or currently in the process of completion issued through the JCCA remain with them for the duration of your project. 

Useful Materials to Navigate the Zoning Process

Guide to Permits & the Building Process

Review Process for Site Plans

Review Process for Special Land Uses

Review Standards for New Homes - Waterfront (LR-1 District)

Review Standards for New Homes - Backlots (LR-1 District)

Review Standards for New Homes - Single T-Lots

Review Standards for New Homes - LR2 District




Land Use Permits



Zoning Permit Application 

$30 - Residental

$50 - All Others

Zoning Permit Application - Solar Project 

No Additional Cost

Variance Application - Class 1 Residential 


Variance Application - Class 2 Residential 


Variance Application - All Other Requests 


Sign Permit Application 


Shed Permit Application 


Fence Permit Application (Use a Regular Zoning Permit Application) 


90 Day Dumpster Permit


Swimming Pool Application (Use a Regular Zoning Permit Application) 


Special Land Use - Home Business 


Special Land Use - Non Home Business 


Site Plan Review 


Conditional Rezoning 


Rezoning Zoning 


Text Amendment 


Land Division Applications




Land Division Application 

$40 +
$20 per Parcel

Lot Split Application 


PUD/TND/Plat/Site Condo 


Other Applications



Residential Rental Property Annual License 


Right-of-Way/Driveway Permit 


Freedom of Information Act Request Form 

Freedom of Information Act Policy 


(Actual Cost)


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Additional Stipulations

Certificate of Zoning Compliance: A Certificate of Zoning Compliance is required for all businesses located in multi-unit commercial and office buildings, and is required to be applied for within one year after the issuance of any residential zoning permits.  All residential CZC applications require a follow-up inspection to ensure that any construction conformed to the approved zoning permit.  There is no charge for a CZC application or permit. 


It is the policy of the Village of Lake Isabella that once an application and fee have been submitted to the Village, under no circumstance shall a refund be granted to the applicant, except monies returned from the Site Plan Escrow Account.


A person undertaking any zoning activity without first obtaining the proper permit is subject citation by the Village of Lake Isabella.  In lieu of commencing prosecution, the zoning official shall have the option to issue a zoning permit and to charge a double fee therefore.  (1312.07.2)