Village of Lake Isabella Charter




In 1998 with the signature of then Governor John Engler, the Charter for the Village of Lake Isabella was approved by the State of Michigan thereby making the Village the first new incorporated Village in nearly 50 years.

Lake Isabella Charter Commission

Gerry Gaudette (Chairman)
 Jack Adkins, Ken DeVergilio, Elmer Ledbetter, and Ray Lombardi

Complete Copy of the Charter

As amended in 2016


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Contents of the Charter

Article I (Name and Boundaries)
Article II (Powers of the Village)
Article III (Definitions and Interpretations)
Article IV (Elections)
Article V (Village Council)
Article VI (The Council: Procedures and Miscellaneous Powers and Duties)
Article VII (Legislation)
Article VIII (Administrative Departments, Offices, and Agencies)
Article IX (Financial Procedures)
Article X (Taxation)
Article XI (Borrowing and Bonds)
Article XII (Improvements and Assessments)
Article XIII (Village Owned Utilities)
Article XIV (Franchises, Contracts, and Leases)
Article XV (Liability)
Article XVI (Charter Review, Amendment, and Revision)
Article XVII (Charter Adoption, Transition)
Article XVIII (General Provisions)