Notice of Public Hearing

Lake Isabella Village Council


Your views are invited at a public hearing to be held by the Lake Isabella Village Council on Tuesday, December 12, 2017 as part of a rescheduled regular meeting beginning at 7:00 PM.  The location of the hearing will be the Lake Isabella Village Hall, 1010 Clubhouse Drive, Lake Isabella, MI 48893.

The nature of the public hearing is to receive public comments and questions on the following proposed ordinance to amend the zoning code:

Proposed Ordinance 2017-02

The purpose of this ordinance is to amend the zoning code of the Village of Lake Isabella to enact a uniform method of regulating the establishment of uses defined in the zoning code on parcels in the Village.  This ordinance creates a centralized location for development standards for uses allowed in the zoning code, and established what the specific development requirements for the various uses in the zoning code.  It also identifies which districts each use may be allowed in, and what level of approval is required for a specific use in a specific district, and what information is required for each level of application of approval.

Comments may be submitted in advance of the public hearing and meeting at the address below, or via e-mail to the Zoning Administrator at the following email address:


Jeffrey P. Grey, Lake Isabella Village Clerk

1010 Clubhouse Drive

Lake Isabella, MI 48893

(989) 644.8654