Lake Isabella Code Enforcement Department


Updated 2-19-2016



The mission of the Lake Isabella Code Enforcement Department is to promote and maintain a safe, clean, and desirable community. The Department helps maintain and improve the quality of the community by administering a fair and unbiased enforcement program to correct violations of municipal codes and land use requirements.


Please understand that the process to remedy any given situation generally takes several weeks, or longer.  This is especially true if a Civil Infraction Ticket is issued.



Resources & Links:

The Village of Lake Isabella uses the latest Code Enforcement software from Comcate in the administration of our department.  For more information on this web-based software please visit Comcate's website by clicking here.

Frequent Questions:

Q.  How do I file a complaint?

A.  A complaint can be filed by stopping by the Village Hall and filing a complaint form.  Complaints may also be submitted via e-mail, or by calling the Village Hall.

Q.  What are the steps in processing a case?

A.   There are several steps that are followed in processing a complaint.

1.  Complaint is received or observed.

2.  Initial contact with the property owner or occupant is attempted. Often times a verbal warning is issued at this point.

3.  If the matter is not corrected in accordance with the verbal warning, a written warning is issued.  The written warning contains specifics regarding the nature of the offense, means needed to correct, and a deadline.

4.  If the matter is still unresolved the issuing officer can issue an extension on the deadline.

5.  If the matter is unresolved still, a civil infraction ticket is issued.

Q.  What are the fines for a civil infraction ticket?

A.  Fines are issued on a progressive scale based on the occurrence of the violation.  In addition to the fine imposed by the Village, the Isabella County Court will add additional fees.

1.  First offense: $100 + Court Fees

2.  Second offense: $200 + Court Fees

3.  Additional offenses: $300 + Court Fees



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