Lake Isabella Code Enforcement Department

Rental Housing License Program


Updated 2-19-2016



Beginning January 1, 2009 all rental houses in the Village of Lake Isabella must be inspected and licensed annually by the Code Enforcement Department.  All of the information needed to comply with this new program can be found here on our website.


If you have any questions, or are unable to access the resources below, please call the Village Hall at 989.644.8654.



  Rental House License Application (PDF Form)

  Pre-Inspection Checklist

  Informational Pamphlet

  Tenant Complaint Form

  Sample Code Enforcement Inspection Checklist

Frequent Questions:

Q.  Why did the Village adopt this program?

A.  This program was adopted based on two main considerations.  For several years residents have requested the Village adopt a program to inspect and license rental homes in the community.  This demand caused the Village Council to look at enacting the program in 2005.  At that time the Village elected to table the request as we lacked the necessary resources to properly administer the program.  With the move to the new office in 2007, the Village Council was requested by the residents to review the matter again.  With new facilities, the staff and Council felt the Village could properly operate the program.

When this is coupled with the changes in the housing market in 2008 which resulted in an increase of rentals, the Village Council felt the time was right to implement this program.

Q.  What are the goals of the Village with this program?

A.   The Village of Lake Isabella adopted the rental housing license program with the following goals:

+  To promote safe rental housing

+  To maintaining & increase local property values

+  To preserve neighborhoods

+  To minimize deteriorated rental housing

+  To reduce Code Enforcement  time in correcting violations

 Q.  What if I only rent my house out seasonally?

A.   The adopted ordinance requires that all rentals, even seasonal or short-term, be inspected and licensed by the Code Enforcement Department.

Q.  How did the Village come up with the fee schedule?

A.  The Village reviewed fees from around the state to form a comparison, including the nearby communities of Big Rapids, Mount Pleasant, Alma, and Midland.  This showed that on average these other local units of government charged $39 annually per rental for their program.  The Village then looked at what type of annual expenses would be incurred to administer the program, and if a fee around that average number would work at Lake Isabella.  After reviewing the projected costs the Village settled on the amount of $37.50.




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